And It IS Good . . .

I had one of “those afternoons” today.  Larry and I spent 3 hours with Adam’s Wonderful Care Coordinator completing a SIS Test for Adam.  The “wonderful” is added to her job title because this woman is a kindred spirit in many ways and one heartstring that binds us together is that she is also the parent of a child with special needs.  By the way, SIS is an acronym for Supports Intensity Scale and the test gives a fairly accurate picture of how much support Adam needs in order to go about his daily activities.  We first completed the SIS Test 3 years ago and it’s encouraging to see how many more skills he’s acquired in that time frame.  But at the end of the questions covering everything from medical situations, community activities, work and social activities and a host of other items, I feel like an 18-wheeler has run over me, backed up and left the trailer sitting on my chest. I feel as if I cannot breath. I felt the same way at the conclusion of the test 3 years ago. Feelings of inadequacy flood over me and I wonder if we have done enough for Adam and then He whispers these words to me that a blogger friend has posted on Facebook:  “Don’t let this throw you.  You trust God, don’t you?  Trust me.” (-Jesus)

And I hear laughter from Adam’s bedroom as he strums his guitar and plays along to bluegrass music on YouTube.  I’m breathing again and God said, “And it is good.”




2 thoughts on “And It IS Good . . .

  1. Well said Martha. Its amazing to read words written by you, that capture my feelings towards the Hupp family as well. Its true, there is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.

  2. Yesterday, my perpetual calendar had this little reminder for me . . . and yes, I have done this: “I handed my story (the one I’d written out for my life) to God and asked Him to sign off on the bottom as if He’s simply agreeing to the terms I’ve set out. He gently takes my story in His hands. He, with love instead of a red pen, marks His edits, leaves some spots blank and asks me to rework the middle and the end. He asks me to be content with the story He wants to write for me even if it looks nothing like what I’ve already given Him. And I’m learning to be okay with that story.” It’s one of the best feelings in the world to trust that His story is, and will be, far better than mine.

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