Bluebirds and Birthdays

My husband knows that look I get when my brain is cooking up a project and, thankfully, he doesn’t jump on the lawnmower or head out to his beehives.  He patiently listens to me spill out the details of the project and then the work commences.  That’s exactly what happened earlier this year in April when we erected three nest boxes on our property in an attempt to expand the bird population to include bluebirds.  I could hardly contain my excitement when, a few weeks later, I saw pine needles in the cracks of one of the nest boxes.  I carefully peeked in and saw five tiny blue eggs!!!  Performing weekly checks on that nest box has given me great joy.

On an entirely different topic, I’ve been finding more projects to keep my mind occupied this week–something I typically do when Momma’s birthday is approaching.  I know that tomorrow she will be experiencing an absolutely heavenly birthday, but that doesn’t take the sting out of wanting to touch her face and tell her how much I love her.  As I was heading home from work this afternoon, I popped in Dollar General to see if anything caught my eye that I could add to Momma’s grave that I pass by every single day.  It only took a few minutes for my eyes to fall on the perfect addition to her gravesite.

As the sun was setting this evening, I realized that in my attempt to stay occupied lately, that I had not checked the nest box.  I set up the step ladder and had my camera ready when I opened the nest box that contained five eggs when I last checked.

Well, I left Momma a gift at her grave and I got a gift in our nest box.  Happy Birthday, Momma, and I’m looking forward to these five babies spreading their wings and flying confidently into the world, just as you taught me to do.






4 thoughts on “Bluebirds and Birthdays

    • Thank you, Megan. Hugs to you as well. One day–perhaps, one day, David and you will be visiting his old stomping ground and I can put my arms around you and hug, hug, hug you in the flesh!

  1. You amaze me! Add to your other gifts the ability to paint a picture with your words. You use your blessings to bless others and that too is a gift.

    • Judy, I appreciate your comments. Honestly, I shared with a friend earlier this evening that this blog post is the post that “just sorta happened” and, once again, God showed me that He meets us where we are in amazing, yet simple, ways to prove to us how very much He loves us. Friend, I am elated that I got to see you yesterday!

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