Waffle House Wonderment

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines wonderment as “a feeling of being surprised or amazed”.  All of us have many occasions where wonderment has been poured over our lives.  At this time of year, it could be something as simple as gazing at the brilliant fall colors bursting out in nature.

Larry and I rolled out of our driveway early this morning bound for Albemarle, NC to bring Adam back to visit his Caswell County roots for a few days.  As we were driving out of Albemarle, we decided to stop and grab breakfast and, on a whim, I pulled into a Waffle House.  We have not eaten at a WH in years–Larry was craving a waffle, I wanted scrambled eggs and Adam was craving his signature drink–chocolate milk.

We were greeted by Summer, our waitress, who struck up a conversation with Adam right away.  Summer “gets” Adam because her family has been touched by autism.  Adam and Summer began an in-depth discussion of the fabulous Waffle House name tag she is wearing.  Soon, Arn, the WH Manager on Duty, joins in on the conversation and retreats to his office and emerges with a personalized Waffle House name tag for our Name Tag Collector (who, if you look in the picture below is already an honorary Sam’s Club Member!)  Arn tells us that his family also shares this common thread of autism.

Pulling in a Waffle House on a whim and leaving in wonderment–God is in the wonderment business.  Keep your eyes open for the Summers and Arns in your neighborhoods that just may be there to spread joy and compassion.  Planting wonderful wonderment is such a worthwhile daily goal.

“If you celebrate your differentness, the world will, too. It believes exactly what you tell it—through the words you use to describe yourself, the actions you take to care for yourself, and the choices you make to express yourself. Tell the world you are one-of-a-kind creation who came here to experience wonder and spread joy.” (Victoria Moran)

Waffle House Wonderment

Waffle House Wonderment


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