I’m a fifty-something woman not so different than most other women I know who have reached the milestone they had been taught to dread, only to find out it’s a fabulously freeing decade.  I dreamed of marrying my Prince Charming and, as a teenager, even sketched out our dream house on notebook paper one evening in my purple—and I mean, purple—bedroom at my parents’ home.  Like most teenage girls growing up in the 1970s, I imagined the “white picket fence” lifestyle as my future.  As I look back on the past 35 years of being married to my Soulmate, I realize I got something much better than that “white picket fence” life.  It’s as if I sat on an anvil for many of these three plus decades, being shaped and sharpened by events and circumstances that were beyond my control, but yet turned out to be life lessons that I continue to learn from even now.

Audacious Adventure was chosen as the name of my blog because our family’s little corner in a rural county of North Carolina has certainly been filled with adventures that required boldness, courage and confidence.  The best part is there are still more adventures to tackle!

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